Robotics at Moraine Valley Community College

The Robotics Club at Moraine Valley Community College is open to anyone 16 and older who resides or works in the MVCC district and the greater Chicago area. Younger teens are also invited to participate, but must be accompanied to all meetings and events by an adult. There is no charge to join. Click here for more details on how to join the club. Children ages 8-13 and their parents are invited to check out the eFun Explorations Academy at Moraine Valley Community College.

The main activities of the club are:

  • Hosting and participating in a variety of robotics competitions
  • Introducing new members to robotics
  • Developing robotics-related educational materials
  • Conducting outreach to grammar schools, middle schools, and high schools

Students from many disciplines can contribute.

Contact Larry Langellier, Robotics Faculty Club Sponsor, at ude.yellaveniarom|reillegnal#ude.yellaveniarom|reillegnal or (708) 974-5627 for more details.


Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Spring, 2008 semester will be Saturday, March 15 starting at 10 a.m. After discussion of club business is completed, members are welcome to stay to work on robots for the upcoming competition.
Click here for the full meeting schedule.

Next Competition - May, 2008 Power Puzzle

The next competition for Spring, 2008 semester will be the Power Puzzle on Saturday, May 3, 2008.
Click here for full competition details and schedules.

The Second ROBO O-Games were a SUCCESS!!!

Click here for details

MVCC Robotics Club In The News

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