Your First Competition Robot

Making Your First Competition Robot

The Robotics Club will provide you full support for creating your first competition robot. You can check out a robot for free at any OPEN ROBO LAB. The resources below will guide you through the process of building and then programming a robot. The basics that you learn here can then be immediately applied to designing and programming your own improved competition bot. Experienced roboticists will be available at the OPEN ROBO LABS and CLUB MEETINGS to answer questions.

Getting Started

1) View this introduction to the competition.
2) Attend a ROBO OPEN LAB and/or CLUB MEETING and check out a LEGO Robot for FREE. Click here to view Open Lab Schedule
3) Build a simple, driveable robot by following the Building instructions that you will find here.
4) View these videos to learn some simple programming for your robot:
- Tutorial 1 - Driving and turning
- Tutorial 2 - Basic Light Sensor: Stop at Black, Stay in an Arena, Count Lines
- Tutorial 3 - Line Following

After you have completed these tutorials, click here for more ideas on how you can improve your line follower.

If these videos will not play on your computer, click here to download the correct codec and then double click the .exe file that you download to install it.

General RCX Information

- About the RCX (power, connections, buttons, firmware, etc.)
- International LEGO Users Group Network
- Troubleshooting LEGO Mindstorms Downloads

RCX Programming Resources

- RIS 2.0 Basic Programming Examples (zip file - download and extract)
- RoboLab Basic Programming Examples (Word file)
- Other Programming Environments (NXT-focused)
- A report on different line following strategies

RCX Design and Building Tips

- The Art of LEGO Design
- Building a Robot for FIRST LEGO League
- General inspiration for building ideas (though most are NXT)
- Building Instructions for RCX Attachments

Sample RCX Robots

- Downloadable building instructions for official LEGO sets - a great place for chassis and attachment ideas (I would recommend focusing on Technic and Mindstorms)
- More instruction scans for official LEGO sets

Sumo Bot Resources

- Beginner Sumo Notes from Official LEGO site - includes a 5 step video
- MINDSTORMS NXT Sumo Competition at NXTLOG

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