Challenge Competitions

Wacky Adventures Amusement Park

Welcome to the "Wacky Adventures Amusement Park" Competition Challenge! This is the craziest amusement park ever, and it is the job of your Challenge robot to set things "right" within the Park. There are eight missions which your robot can undertake. Each is detailed within the Challenge file. Wacky.pdf
Robonaut: NXT-LAN

Jurassic Park Challenge

For fans of the Jurassic Park movie, this robot challenge is trip (into the past). For complete details see JurassicPark.doc.
Robonauts: Tony/Joseph


Building a Better Mouse Trap

This science activity challenge tries to answer the age-old question, "Can you build a better mouse trap?" Unfortunately, almost all the products on the market, today, only work on one mouse at a time. There is no product that can be placed out and used to collect several mice at one time. Further, there is no product available, which allows you to "safely" gather those mice together, at one time, and relocate them to a new habitat. Details for the Activity are within this file MouseTrap.pdf.
Robonaut: NXT-LAN

Finding the distance from a wall.

This math/science activity challenge will enable the robonaut to determine the distance an object is from a wall. First design and build a motorized robot that can travel in a straight line. The robot will need an ultrasonic sensor to determine the distance the robot is from the wall, a light sensor to detect when the robot is over the paper, and a touch sensor (optional) to determine when the robot has reached the wall. Next write a program to collect light sensor and ultransonic sensor data every 0.1 seconds. Continue collecting the data until the touch sensor has been triggered. Now locate a piece of paper or other object (rug etc…) that the robot and travel over. The paper or other object should be of a contrasting color to the color of the floor that that the experiment will be conducted on. Finally upload the data to the computer. View the data from both the light sensor and ultransonic sensor. Combine the data from both sensors into one view and determine the width of the paper and the distance the paper is from the wall. Details for the this challenge as well as a possible solution are within this file WallChallenge.doc.

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