Power Puzzle FLL Challenge

The Power Puzzle FIRST Lego League Challenge will be held on Saturday May 3rd from 11:00 am (registration is at 10 am) till about 1:00 pm at Moraine Valley Community College.

NOTE: This is not an official FIRST event but rather our use of said competition internally.

Since we are following the official rules , you can view information about the FIRST Lego League Power Puzzle challenge at the following pages:


Mat and Missions

Q&A (there are a lot more implications to the rules above than you might first realize)

While the club expects every contestant to to read the rules (duh ;-) our Faculty Club Sponsor (Larry Langellier) has volunteered to answer questions about interpretation of said rules. Please note that before asking any questions you must demonstrate that you have read the rules and are just having trouble understanding what they mean. Specifically, questions will not be answered about how many points a mission is worth, etc.

All contestants are asked to start asking clarification questions via the MVCC Robotics Yahoo Groups list as soon as possible. The rules are a lot more complicated than they may seem at first, so definitely expect to have questions. Try to be as specific as possible - if you can quote the areas that you are asking about, that would probably work best.

There are some web-based resources out there that you may find helpful (score sheet, videos, diagrams of the mat, etc.). Google is your friend… A few searches you might want to try are "Power Puzzle score sheet", "building robot for FIRST Lego League", and "power puzzle mat". A few sites that will be helpful include:


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