TriBot - TriBot is a flexible and fast 3–wheeled driving robot! It takes advantage of all four sensors to do the job you program it to do. TriBot can grab a ball when you give it a sound command (through its Sound Sensor ), can be programmed to follow a line with its Light Sensor, can feel objects with its Touch Sensor, and can see with its Ultrasonic Sensor.

AlphaRex (Humanoid) - Alpha Rex performs tasks that only the most sophisticated robots can do… Walk on two legs like a real person! With built in rotation sensors on the two Servo Motors powering his legs, and an Ultrasonic Sensor enabling Alpha Rex to see, you can program Alpha Rex to go where you want with precision!

RoboArm (Machine) - RoboArm T–56 is a sophisticated robotic arm that can lift, pivot, and grab objects with its claws. It can detect colors with its Light Sensor and feel objects with its Touch Sensor . Three Motors power RoboArm T–56 – 1 motor powers the grabber claws and 2 motors enable the robotic arm to move up, down, and turn!

Spy Camera Rover - The rover can be used to remotely explore your house or any other area. It can either be remote controlled or wander by itself, using the ultrasonic sensor to avoid obstacles. I'm sure the military has more complicated versions of this but I found it amazing what you can do with a "toy".

The Slug (Gastropoda robotica Scolcii) - This robot mimicks the molluscan "one-foot creeping" and capable of moving in any direction (no walls or ceilings, yet!)

Brick Sorter - This robotic machine sorts gray, white and black bricks automatically.

Coding Hints

Breaking Program into Smaller Chunks of Code - Smaller chunks of code make it more manageable when programming

Following a Black Circle - Make your robot follow a black circle on the ground

Coding Links

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